3D Avatar Services

3D Animation Avatar Services

Threedeemee are please to offer commercial and private animation services by our exceptionally skilled team of 2D and 3D technical staff from £6.75 per hour for bespoke services while additional offer are available below:

Posed Avatars

Matching your own body and face resemblance as below.

Animated Avatar

Created in your own image using the same animation sequence as per video below.

Terms and conditions

  • Posed 3D avatars none articulated at a cost of £165 and returned in a person’s own image in 3 business days.
  • Fully 3D Rigged and animated avatars at a cost of £365 and returned in a person’s own image in 5 business days.
  • All files and animation work is forwarded to the customer in 3ds Max, Blender or Maya files
  • The avatar can be requested for adjustments, once without additional cost.

  • Additional requests by the customer will be calculated at a cost of £6.75 per hours agreed in writing below work commences.
  • Customer downloads the measurement chart and fills it out click to download chart
  • The customer takes 3 full sized body photos and 3 head and shoulder shots as illustrated below and emails them both to admin@arbroathcapital.co.uk

Threedeemee offer commercial and private use which cost between £165 to £1,350 depending on the requirements of the client. We can include gender, age, or race in clothing of chose, delivered in 3Ds Max, Blender or Maya Files that are intended for editing in photoshop as well as ready to use full animated video representations. Higher textured avatars in photo realism, estimates on demand!