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We are helping selling online products to boots up their sells by 3D visualisation services. 

Bespoke Men’s Tailors and Ladies Fashion Designer can now interact with their clients virtually the same as anyone else by calling customers on any video conferencing service. They can chat with their clients while sharing their screen with them to demonstrate the latest Styles, Materials, Colours, Cuffs, Buttons options with that same personal touch they give to clients in their stores. As Bespoke tailors recover from the Covid lockdowns they should be dynamic as well as prepared not to get caught out by drops in footfall again.

Sportswear manufacturers and retailers require both bespoke services and fitting rooms for the ready to wear sport products. The bespoke multi garment sportswear configurators are intended for sportwear clients who need to create their own personalized kit or equipment. These include clients such as, Universities, Schools, Teams and Clubs who need to customize their products with different styles, colours, numbers, names and logos to create their very own team kits. Single products such as, Bikes Racquets balls and alike can also be fully customized to a client’s requirements. On top of this Sportswear retailors also have Ready to Wear products that customers need to try on in fitting rooms before purchasing that special look all of their own. 

Threedeemee have created the opportunity for online retailers to seamlessly into their website catalogues multi garment and accessory fitting rooms so customers can try on clothes before purchase. This not only enhances customer experience as they continue to shop for accessories to match their chosen garments but reduces those nasty returns for the retailors. 

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The number one killer of successful partnership is alignment and miscommunications.  Both of which are easily avoidable by being protective of who you partner with.

That’s what this call is about.

It’s about us doing our due-diligence so that we can accurately gauge, who will, and who will not,  make great a great partner for our agency.


Χ New e-commerce clothing stores without proven sales

Χ Those who aren’t willing to work hard

Χ Clothing stores without a consistent catalogue

Χ Those who sell 1-off items