Threedeemee have just launched “what is believe to be” the first multi garment and accessory 3d configurator that enable customers to create and visualize full kits of sportwear on or off an avatar. The configurator facilitates multiple sports products styles and designs to be created and visualized at the same time on one screen. Such items can include head gear, shirts, shorts, and shoes along with accessories such as bats, balls, bikes, or boxing gloves. Add real time signatures, team number and names, uploading your own logos or that of a sponsor; it is as easy as clicking an icon! Everything is created in 3d and includes any texture or colour combination a manufacturer can supply or ask threedeemee to help you with your design.

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Bespoke Tailoring

The same configurator is now also available to transform the customers experience of bespoke men’s tailors and ladies fashion designers. From this point on, customers have the opportunity to visualize their bespoke choices of apparel in 3D, online or in their boutiques before ordering. This can include the selection of styles, material/textures, colours, cuff, collars, stitching and buttons on shirts. Add shirts and blouses to trousers, skirts, jackets, and suites, pick the desired turnups, lapels, necklines, hemlines, lining and add insignias and labels on any garment.
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Don't Forget

If you have not yet tried out our Ready to Wear fitting room experience please go to Once a customer has opened the catalogue they can click on any product and it will take them to a retailors normal basket, the customer will find other information on the items they are considering to buy but more importantly they will see an option of a 360 degree Male or Female to click on. This allows the customer to view their product in 3d to mix, match or change their garments or accessories before going to purchase. We believe strongly that this will improve customer experience while increasing sales for retailors by giving the customers a chance to see their combined choices on a variety of different avatars (Mannequins, Life-Like Fashion Models, Cartoon or Customers in their Own Image!

Invest Now, We Are HOT!

Threedeemee Campaign III, is looking to attract more interested retail partners or private investors (large or small) to join us now as we launch our product. The monies raise will allow Threedeemee to scale to meet increasing client demands before the end of 2020. Investment is available directly on our website by clicking Invest Now below or contact for more information.

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