Whatever you may wish your customer base to personalize for sporting events, Threedeemee is able to assist you in your transition to the 3d virtual world. This is where customers can personalize individual items or full sets of any kits for all sporting activity such as Netball, Cycling, Football, Rugby, etc. Don’t miss out on our introductory offers of up to 70% of recommended Retail pricing and schedule a demonstration and schedule a chat or demonstration below.

Boxing Glove LF
Boxing Head Guard

Threedeemee is here to help all retailers reduce their risk of future drops in a footfall by helping them achieve a better customer experience in their online catalogs. Whatever you require, Threedeemee can digitize it in 3D so your customers can personalize and customize your products before ordering.

Activewear Male

Alternatively, if you just need online fitting rooms where customers can try on different combinations of sportswear items and accessories you can always integrate an online 3d fitting room into your catalogs at the same incredible low rates up to the end of March 21  https://threedeemee.com/active-wear-male-catalogue/

The end of lockdown will most certainly mean the end of government support such as tax relief, loans, and furlough schemes. Businesses that depend solely on footfall must be prepared to have fewer customers in their stores and as everyone is finding alternative solutions to stay afloat as we are expected to live with Covid for many years to come. Retailers need to do everything to reduce these risks now and ensure they can continue business in the future by getting online. Act now to reduce your risks in the coming years by investing in getting your business online. Threedeemee is here to assist you in your online experience or you can even invest in us to help us meet our increasing demand by clicking on these links and see what threedeemee is doing. Contact info@threedeemee for more information!


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