About Us

Company: Threedeemee Limited

Register No.: No.09909792 in UK

Founders: Victor and Cherlie Watson

Co-Founder: Mike Mannering

Our Team: VIEW


Originally Company from United Kingdom (UK),registered in 2015. The founder and co-founders are original British and now living in Thailand for 20 years. Threedeemee have strong ties to a team of Animators and Software Engineers, all utilizing their cutting-edge technology that aims to bring more economic opportunities, not only in Thailand, but also all other countries around the world.

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Users may scan themselves by taking at least 10 second selfie video using any smart phone, webcam, laptop, or tablet. And Threedeemee’s Automated 3D Body Scanning and Measurement System will generate a detailed, highly accurate, Measurement Chart which tailors may use to design a custom-fit dress for the customers. The same chart is used by the 3D avatars in selecting the right fit for them while shopping online.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso