August 2021 Roundup

Threedeemee is still offer an opportunity to work with bespoke tailors who would like to experience on visualisation  in 3d for Bespoke Tailors  Fashion Designers so both men and women customers can visualize their products in 3d.

August Busy Month

Cycling Suit
Ladies Jacket
August was a busy month completing our ladies wear classic suit collection while continuing to improve our men’s wear selection. We created a new ladies cycling kit with advanced spandex textures as well as adding an all-weather Gortex jacket for sportswear. Another Fabric Merchant who also has a Bespoke tailor shop is teaming up with a tailor in Thailand and will be doing a joint trunk show in Washington DC in October as we introduce Threedeemee to the American market.

One of our clients in Sharjah came up with a great idea of using a touch screen stand in their 3rd store in the UAE which is due to open in Dubai in September. While any screen can be used, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer,  the in-store experience of interacting with clients using a touch screen stand is felt to be a game-changer to enhance their in-store customer experience and acts as a way to teach their customers to shop bespoke online.
August 2021 Roudup


September looks like being busy as well, with a focus on continual improvements of all our products as well as adding some new products, especially for the Middle East We hope to be adding more clients to our portfolio as we are also in discussions of implement the same system with a client in India who has a chain of stores across the country.

Threedeemee Campaign III

The end of lockdown will most certainly mean the end of governments around the world offering support companies such as tax relief, loans, and furlough schemes in the future. Businesses that depend solely on footfall must be prepared to have fewer customers in their stores from this point forward. Everyone is finding alternative solutions to stay afloat while the global population is expected to live with Covid for many years to come. Retailers need to do everything to reduce these risks now and ensure they can continue business in the future by getting, (or improving) their online experience. Act now to reduce your risks in the coming years by investing in getting your business online. Threedeemee is here to assist you in your online experience or you can even invest in us to help us meet our increasing demand by clicking on these links and see what threedeemee is doing. Contact info@threedeemee for more information!