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Please see instructions if you are new to this. We just want to make sure your photos and video will not get returned

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The following plans are for Avatars in your own image and licensed to you for your own individual use. These avatars will not be used as stock footage by Threedeemee is any shape or form without your written permission. Kindly make appointment before upload your photos and video.


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Frequently asked questions

Place the phone or device vertically on a flat surface such as a table (Around hip level) with the full body interview or have a friend operate the device for you. Note: it’s important to have the phone at table height; not taken from your own eye level!

Stand with your legs and arms slightly open, when ready, start the camera and spin around once in approximately 10 seconds! Click here to view instructional video

Stand approximately 2 metres away from the camera or until your full body in visible in the viewer.

Place the camera / smartphone on a table in a vertical position with the camera facing towards the subject.

Wear normal body forming clothing such as skinny jeans and a fitted t shirt.  Stand in front of a light or contrasting background if your clothes are dark and ensure the lighting around you is adequate.

1. Find an open blank background such as a wall or smooth fabric with no pattern (if wall is black, please wear white and vis versa)
2. Background shouldn’t be transparent nor blurred! Try not to have any light reflecting off in the images
3. The photographer will be the only one moving…When shooting, sit or stand as stable as possible. (Using a higher resolution smart phone camera would be ideal)
4. Do not close your eyes or move too much as that may cause the proportions to be off!

This photo shoot only requires 3 facial shots and one full frontal shot as per the illustrations above.  Once completed upload your photos into here

For more informations if needed, please kindly contact us directly at: