Threedeemee Metaverse Raise

Threedeemee Metaverse Raise
Threedeemee Raised 10.6%

Threedeemee’s core technology is to generate an avatar in a person’s own image. To date, we have achieved 3 of the 4 technical phases but requires circa an additional 3 months to fully complete the scanning system. This technology derives measurement of a person’s body to create an accurate measurement chart that automatically creates an avatar in the persons own image once a customer uploads a 10 second video of them rotating 360% on the spot using any smart phone.

Threedeemee is looking for funds to scale all its experience in Web2 technologies into a Web3 3d VR reality Crypto Marketplace to meet its vision of being the best-in-class place to go to for avatars in a person’s own image in any Web3 VR environment.


Please ensure that you have taken the TEST before making your investment.

*Minimal investment £1,000*

Bronze Crypto
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Invest £1,000 GBPs and be GIFTED,  100,000 Tokens. 

Silver Crypto
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Invest £10,000+ GBPs and be GIFTED a 10% BONUS of extra tokens. 

Gold Crypto
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Invest £20,000 + GBPs and be GIFTED a 25% BONUS of extra tokens.

Titanium Crypto
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Invest £30,000+ GBP and be GIFTED an extra 40% BONUS of extra tokens. 

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