threedeemee metaverse raise

Threedeemee Metaverse Raise

£43,000 of £500,000 raised

Threedeemee’s core technology is to generate an avatar in a person’s own image. To date, we have achieved 3 of the 4 technical phases but requires circa an additional 3 months to fully complete the scanning system. This technology derives measurement of a person’s body to create an accurate measurement chart that automatically creates an avatar in the persons own image once a customer uploads a 10 second video of them rotating 360% on the spot using any smart phone.

Threedeemee is looking for funds to scale all its experience in Web2 technologies into a Web3 3d VR reality Crypto Marketplace to meet its vision of being the best-in-class place to go to for avatars in a person’s own image in any Web3 VR environment

*Minimal investment £1,000*

Retail Sector

Early animation work was focused primarily on the online stopping industry such as fitting rooms and 3d garment configurators. However, the reluctance of High Street Retailers to transform from the quill to digital has been a slow process.  Most of these companies have now been consumed by larger online retail companies such as ASOS and Boohoo who now find themselves in a period of change to reduce the cost of returns.  Threedeemee technology ideally addresses the 2 main reasons that returns are made: due to them a client not liking the garment look when they try

it on, or it does not fit them.  Threedeemee still believes this market will emerge. 











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***Threedeemee Campaign Metaverse Raise is going to launch in very soon***

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