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    To create your avatar body resemblance  please follow the instructions below:

    1. Measure you exact high in centimeters without shoes.
    2. Wear normal body forming clothing such as skinny jeans and a fitted t shirt!
    3. Stand in front of a plain light or contrasting background, (if your clothes are white have a darker background, no painting on the wall or other furniture in sight)!
    4. Ensure the lighting around you is adequate, but it does not have to be a photo shoot!
    5. Place the phone or device vertically on a flat surface such as a table (Around hip level) with the full body in view on the phone or have a friend operate the device for you.                                                                                                                                                                       Note: it’s important to have the phone at table height; not taken from your own eye level!
    6. Stand bare footed with your legs and arms slightly open, when ready, start the camera and spin around once in approximately 10 seconds.
    7. Once complete stop the video, check the recorded image then upload your using the link provided.
    **If you have your own style of clothes you preferred.  Please send us some sample of yours.**