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Threedeemee’s fully integrated online fitting rooms for bespoke tailors and ladies fashion designers around the world. COVID-19 has ravaged most if not all bespoke tailoring and ladies fashion designers who depend on footfall for their business. This has been a wake-up call to all of these businesses to say they can never again depend solely on people coming into the store for their wonderful one-on-one experience anymore, otherwise, they will go down the same road as the ready-to-wear high street retailers Arcadia and Debenhams. 

A solution to these problems is provided by Threedeemee’s (cost-effective) 3d visualization technology that offers online fitting rooms that are easily integrated into any website at affordable prices. What’s more, our application improves customer experience and sales by giving them the ability to add avatars in anyone’s image, change or accessorize multiple garments while in the basket without having to go back and forth to the landing page or shop elsewhere.

Threedeemee is launching this catalogue this week with very special discounts for the first Bespoke clients through our doors. Don’t miss out, grasp the opportunity now and lead the way forward in your industry.

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To meet demand Threedeemee have now engaged 3 new 3d clothing specialist, 2 X 2d graphic designers, a pattern maker and a specialist in creating 3d garment textures at affordable prices. This move ensures our ability to provide 98% photo accurate 3d textures of material from photos and swatch of any bespoke tailors materials.

Threedeemee Campaign III

Threedeemee is in early revenues and ready to scale, our core technology of a scanning system and fitting room experience around the world. We are looking for the right partners and customers who want to be part of the winning team and make this a great success. With your help, we can take the next step that ensures all online retailers increase their customer experience as well as reduce the logisitical expenses of returns.

Threedeemee Campaign III