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The Team is growing stronger every day with additional experts in their fields, These include our Head of Strategy and Digital Marketing (John), VP Sales & Marketing (Kevin) and Head of Animation (Aekachai). Additionally we have 10 freelance animations who have been working with us over the last year who are there to support us as we grow. More and more highly qualified software engineers and senior animation people have been interviewed and we have ample applicants ready to join Threedeemee as soon as they can.

growing stronger
growing stronger
Threedeemee Core Technology

The Prototype scanning system is being used constantly to create different Avatars using derived measurements from a variety of smart phones and it’s now possible to create an articulated avatar in approximately 2 hours. At the same time the programming for the full automation is well in hand and we anticipate this first step will be completed by the 14th January 2020.

We are walking slowly towards a greater end, however, these avatars were made in under 2 hours including adding clothes and articulation for their basic movements. While still rudimentary at this point, they allow the animation team to demonstrate where we are heading. By the end of March 2020, we anticipate the basic commercial product will be fully automated in real time and be available for trials and testing with clients on line.

Have a quick tour of our office in WeWorks, T-One Building, Bangkok.

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