Happy New Year 2021 From Threedeemee

Happy New Year 2021 From Threedeemee

Threedeemee would like to wish everyone a super safe new year in 2021 as we offer solutions for the struggling high street retail sector. The physical store locations have collapsed around our ears and retailers must make the changes and go on line to succeed in 2021.

Threedeemee’s fully integrated online fitting rooms.

With COVID-19 ravaging the high street fashion industry even more companies are going on line. However, the big problem is the number of returns this causes to the retailers, which are not only costly but increases their carbon footprint that is destroying the world. The problem occurs due to customers not being able to try on clothes to see they look good on themselves or if they will fit them when they arrive. This leads to customers over ordering only to send most if all items back.

A solution to these problems is provided by Threedeemee’s (cost effective) 3d visualization technology that offers online fitting rooms that are easily integrated into any website at affordable prices. What more, our application improves customer experience and sales by giving them the ability to add, change or accessorize multiple garments while in the basket without having to go back and forth to the landing page or shop elsewhere.
Please feel free to request more information on info@threedeemee.com this or any other 3d Visualization services or visit our demonstration catalogue https://threedeemee.com/catalogue/

Invest Now, We Are HOT!

Threedeemee Campaign III, is looking to attract more interested retail partners or private investors (large or small) to join us now as we launch our product. The monies raise will allow Threedeemee to scale to meet increasing client demands before the end of 2020. Investment is available directly on our website by clicking Invest Now below or contact info@threedeemee.com for more information.

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