NFTs For The Stars

Threedeemee is creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) 

Welcome to The World of “NFTs” Threedeemee are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned by Rudolf Reither a well know Austrian Artist of fine art to digitise his painting in the form of FNFTs.  We are now launching with the Tower of Babel Fragments and available to buy!

NFT community

Baseball Cap NFT

Threedeemee NFT Market place is where clients can purchase F-NFTs or NFTs using cryptocurrencies and receive the equivalent Digital Animated Services for free. This actually means the client receives the equivalent Animation services to produce their own NFTs. As an added bonus clients do not have to worry about exchanging crypto into Fiat.

Threedeemee Crypto

Threedeemee Limited in Collaboration with Threedeenee Crypto are launching an exciting investment offer of Equity plus 100,000 Gifted TDM Tokens for every £1,000 GBPs invested. Larger investments receive 10% to 40% extra bonus tokens on top of the 100K per £1k offer! Check out TDM Crypto and join our discord community for the latest news and giveaways.


Celebrities NFT

Threedeemee is creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for their own Metasphere in Opensea with non-fictional characters of military veterans with true stories to tell of their incredible lives. The studio is also creating 3D NFTs for individuals or companies who wish to celebrate other sporting and movies celebrities as avatars in either cartoon or real life NFTs.

Multiple Podium Options

Multiple options of 2d card and 3d podiums are available to choose from to mount Sports and other celebrity  NFTs on. Any option we do not have can also be created for clients to their own preference. Lighting Backdrops and audio is also add as requested.

Web2 To Web3 Integration

Threedeemee would like to announce the prelaunch of the Reither Art Gallery in the form of its Web2 into Web3 interaction with a 3d virtual tour of Rudy’s paintings. Take a tour of the gallery, room by room, stop, to read the information as you move around the virtual spaces. Click on any painting to reveal more information then click the tab of your choice to move back into the Web2 website. Once back you can add the painting to the cart or go and view the Digital World of the upcoming Fragmented pieces of the Tower of Babel. We have recently agreed with Solsea of the Solana blockchain to work together on promoting and launching the Tower of Babel on their marketplace and Solsea have agreed to provide any technical support we require and well as to promote our drop to their huge community. The drop should be launched sometime in October but people can join our community by registering on the website and be be entered into a weekly random lottery to win fragments in the coming weeks.

Threedeemee Crypto Payment Gateway

Threedeemee are please to accept crypto payments via our Merchant agreement gateway with Bitpace. This allows clients or investors to purchase any of Threedeemee services using all the approved coins below. Amounts are exchanged into FIAT currencies and deposited directly into our bank account the same way as Direct Debits, PayPal or credit card payments are made.