January 2023 News Update

Increased Security with HP Teradici

In Memory of our Dear Client Rudolf Reither


In Memory of our Dear Client

Rudolf Reither was born in Vienna. He was educated as Graphic Designer and finished with Masterclass and Diploma. He received training in techniques of oil painting and layer painting after Van Dyk. He worked as a freelancer for international clients and although he never accepted a “trademark” for his artistic work, in over 50 years he has created many trademarks – logos – and posters, which brought him numerous international awards and recognition, including the participation in the Bienal of Contemporary Art, Firenze. A deep founded knowledge of music and the performing arts paired with a serious-minded curiosity makes him try out something new again and again – New techniques, new aspects, new forms.

He died only two weeks after his wife passed away. They have been together as a couple over 72 years.  To keep his legacy, we want to share his life, art work and passion. Only recently we developed a new innovative concept for art marketing by integrating a traditional website with a virtual gallery and a NFT platform.  Interestingly, it was him who two years ago contemplated with NFT, where we had not even an idea what that is.  The “Tower of Babel” by Pieter Bruegel the elder is his featured painting, a remake of the original as hosted in the Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna. This is a twisted version with 21th century symbols and a reinforcement of the original message.


Our Security

Thredeeemee is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with HP Teradici to ensure increased security for luxury brand clients. Most people do not realise that when they when using animation freelancers they most likely keep a copy of work on their home computers therefore, whatever they produce can be subjected to being left in insure locations, or at worst, counterfeited by anyone around the world. 


All Threedeemee work is kept on premises, allowing flexible working conditions for staff who may have to work from home. This is achieved by using Teradici PCoIP protocols that work by the transmission of Pixels not Data on their assigned workstation in Threedeemee. Don’t leave your digital products, artwork or NFTs unprotected anymore and always check the security of your products by using a Teradici secure environment. 

Threedeemee Online Shopping Experience


With our Investments so far Threedeemee have kickstarted our core technology after having to pause it during Covid and anticipate the web app will be integrated into our Shopping Mall experience by the end of Q1 2023. In the shopping Mall there is space to lease or if you prefer just an online fitting where clients can try on their garments before purchasing on line. The Core-tech includes our scanning system that automatically creates an accurate measurements chart of a persons body  that not only creates an avatar in a persons own image but selects the customers actual sizes relative to the retailer sizes. Keep a close eye out for our imminent 3d shopping Mall where customers may create their own avatars ThreeDeeMee: Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience.

How To Creat Your Avatar

Threedeemee has developed a cutting-edge technology that generates an avatar in a person’s own image We have achieved all 4 technical phases and are preparing to launch
This is the ideal time for potential investors to get involved. Three powerful technologies come together to benefit fashion brands and cultural experiences.

1/  3D Body Scanning System
Allows users to scan their body and receive accurate measurements within 10 seconds We anticipate bringing down the accuracy down to 1 cm of the real person’s body by the end of Q1 2023.

2/  Avatar Generation Software
Automatically creates an avatar in the person’s image with an option to add your real fascial image to the 3D character You have the ability to try on clothing from a brand’s catalogue in the fitting room Immerse in related experiences, such as a shopping mall and visit other boutiques,  fashion shows and art galleries.

3/  Enhanced User Experience
Multiple users can give real-time feedback over voice calls (VoIP) Fashion brand customers receive feedback from friends, family, and peers.

4/ Investment Opportunity
Exponential profits from the fashion and brand market of 3 billion online shoppers. Over 40 luxury brands and thousands of third-party companies as potential clients B2B Service for Luxury Brands and Third-Party Licenses’. Fitting Room: Online Experience, installed inside a client’s website. Shoppers can scan their body, try on clothes and accessories, and purchase with confidence, resulting in reduced costly returns.

Threedeemee Metaverse Raise

Threedeemee’s core technology is to generate an avatar in a person’s own image. To date, we have achieved 3 of the 4 technical phases but requires circa an additional 3 months to fully complete the scanning system. This technology derives measurement of a person’s body to create an accurate measurement chart that automatically creates an avatar in the persons own image once a customer uploads a 10 second video of them rotating 360% on the spot using any smart phone.

Threedeemee is looking for funds to scale all its experience in Web2 technologies into a Web3 3d VR reality Crypto Marketplace to meet its vision of being the best-in-class place to go to for avatars in a person’s own image in any Web3 VR environment.