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Software Engineers Employment Opportunities

We are adding two more talented Software Engineers to our Technology team. In this role, you will partner with artists, production leadership, technical directors, other software engineers, and technology leadership on the design and implementation of new workflows and capabilities motivated by the needs of Arbroath Capitals Threedeemee™ and animation studio. 

The ideal candidates will enjoy the diversity and challenges of working at various levels in the software stack, from core compute, data management to developing APIs and intuitive user interfaces. All projects have in common the pursuit of simple and performant solutions to complex problems, using agile development methodologies as part of high-energy, teams.

The developer filling this role should welcome being assigned to a variety of projects, depending on studio needs. Example assignments could include high performance parallel computation, highly efficient data parsing and storage, computer graphics algorithms with associated artist workflows, and an in-depth understanding of the requirements and relationships for data authored and consumed by many disparate production departments. 

Software engineers are highly supportive of each other, expected to demonstrate self-direction when needed, and learn through experiencing both success and failure. You must therefore be comfortable supporting your team by bringing fresh insight for shared problem solving. Also critical to success in this role is the ability to build trust and relationships with technical and non-technical users to understand their needs and pain points intimately and deliver relevant solutions.


  •  Able to demonstrate strong software design and engineering skills; familiar with design patterns and their appropriate use.
  • Competent in the design and implementation of maintainable object-oriented code, and ideally familiar with C++ 11 or later and/or Python
  • A solid understanding of animator platforms such as Autodesk, Maya, 3Ds Max and Blender.
  • Experienced developing high-performance multithreaded code (desirable).
  • Exemplary communication, team working and problem-solving skills, balancing the timeliness of solutions with their sustainability.
  • Effective listener: able to engage with artists to understand their requirements and infer practical solutions
  • Deep understanding of computer graphics foundational concepts, algorithms, and (desirable) related artistic workflows.
  • Proficient in English a must Thai is a plus!

Required Education

  •  BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other related field; or comparable industry experience (New graduates are welcome)
  • Elective courses in one or more of the following subjects is a plus!
  • Computer Graphics

Mathematical concepts for graphics, line drawing algorithms, clipping algorithms, polygon filling algorithms, physical and logical input and output devices, graphical standard for software, data structures for graphics; space curves, surfaces in three dimensions, hidden line and hidden surface algorithms, illumination models, rendering techniques, colour and ray tracing; practical exercises included.

  • Computer Visualization

 Introductory concepts of the following topics: cameras and projection models, low-level image processing methods, e.g. filtering and edge detection; mid-level vision topics, e.g. segmentation and clustering; shape reconstruction from stereo and high-level vision tasks, e.g. object recognition, scene recognition, face detection and human motion categorization.

We are looking for these positions to be filled in Bangkok however travel will be required from time to time.



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Job Location: Bangkok Thailand

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