Threedeemee CORE Technology is focused in Research and Development of an Automated 3D Body Scanning and Measurement System that would derive accurate measurements of a person’s body from footage taken using any digital video device such as a mobile phone. Utilizing its very own advanced set of complex algorithm, the data from this footage will then be processed and used to automatically generate the person’s 3-dimensional Avatar.

Threedeemee Core Technology
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Threedeemee Campaign, we have been working on creative diverse opportunities for the use of avatars for more than 3 years. After several years of tracking this specific business opportunity, Threedeemee has developed a system to create avatars using any digital video recording system which for which patent protection has been applied for.  Threedeemee feels this associated technology and public acceptance has advanced to a point that commercialization for specific industries is now possible and have created. Threedeemee Studios Bangkok as the technical hub for all operations to reduce costs while attracting a highly skilled workforce of software engineers and animation staff.  Threedeemee campaign phase three funding will commence on the 1st of July 2020 and remain open for 6 months or until such time the investment is met.