As promised; Threedeemee’s has now launched it’s men and women’s activewear lines with 59 products with 150 colour variations, and 3 skin tones and is in the process of finalizing a demonstration catalogue. This small collection took 1 Threedeemee team comprising of 3 animators and 1 website developer, each working 8 hours each per day for 10 work days totaling  320 manhours to achieve. Threedeemee Outsourcing department is scaling to increase additional teams to be able to assist online retail clients (large or small) to digitize and  virtualize their products in 3d configurator at very cost effective terms due to our studio being based in Bangkok. 

Adding activewear to our catalogue addresses a very significant client interest driven by sportwear catalogues who wish to add basic 3d configurators to display their designs, however, Threedeemee leads the way with our fitting rooms to mix and match products to improve the customers online shopping experience, as well as increase sales and reduce return for all retailors. Click on:

Shortly Threedeemee will be adding interactive 3d sportswear which individuals as well as wholesalers can customize different colour and texture panels which will include items such as Bikes, T-shirts, Boxing and football outfits plus all kinds of accessories. This will allow designer to create their own sports wear in different styles, add logos as well as change the types of clothing they prefer. Click on:

Once a customer has opened the catalogue they can click on any product and it will take them to a retailors normal basket, the customer will find other information on the items they are considering to buy but more importantly they will see an option of a 360 degree Man or Women (as above) to click on. This allows the customer to view their product in 3d to mix, match or change their garments or accessories before going to purchase. We believe strongly that this will improve customer experience while increasing sales for retailors by giving the customers a chance to see their combined choices on a variety of different avatars (Mannequins, Life-Like Fashion Models, Cartoon or Customers in their Own Image!

Threedeemee Campaign III, is looking to attract more interested retail partners or private investors (large or small) to join us now as we launch our product. The monies raise will allow Threedeemee to scale to meet increasing client demands before the end of 2020. Investment is available directly on our website by clicking Invest Now below or contact for more information.