Threedeemee are in the process of launching its online shoping experience where clients and customenrs can walk around their store, choose clothes from a set number of items try them on and walk around the store as indicated in this video.

Premium Female Avatar_Derived Measurements

Our core technology is creating an avatar in a persons own image and our basic Avatar with you own body measurements is now fully automated and can create your own avatar and measurement chart in just seconds after you upload a 10 second selfie from any digital device such as a smartphone. For facial resemblance we request you add 3 facial photos and you resemblance will be available within a short period of time (20 Mins)!

Threedeemee have now creaated their online shopping experience for clients and customers who wish to create their own online shopping experience in their own avatar to try on clothes from the comfort of their own homes.. The store is presently running in test mode for feedback so we can continually get feedback from with the antisipated launch on the 1st July 2020.

Although we are continually improving the Threedeemee shopping experience lets have the founders show you how it works while you interaction with the motions of trying on clothes and moving around. To operate an avatar click Cherlie or Mike and by clicking on the mouse arrow in front of then they will move around the store with ease. Click again to stop and chose clothes from the center rack for the time being.

Please be aware that loading the in store experience can take some time 2 to 10 Minutes depending on you internet connection so please be patient as we are improving this time on a daily basis.