Female Teen

Threedeemee is a B2B service and meant to be installed as a plugin inside an eCommerce retails catalogue or website. We added Premium Teenage avatars to our our customers experience  https://threedeemee.com/product/premium-female-avatar/
and will shortly be adding boys and girls collections.

The intent is to increase sales by allowing customers try on full outfits and accessories on their own personalized avatars and reduce returns by allowing the customers see their collection on themselves before going to checkout. Try in out and see for yourselves.

** Note full screen option is not available on iOS just yet but android and MS work well.

Premium Female Avatar_Derived Measurements

Threedeemee’s core technology of scanning a persons own image from a 10 second video that instantaneously creates an Avatar and a measurement chart for an online customer. From the above output chart, Threedeemee programs the Customers measurements to the retailers sizes alleviating the customer from having to chose their sizes when ordering.

The combination of customers not having to select their sizes and seeing themselves in their chosen apparel  address’s the greatest problems to online shopping and once introduce is anticipated to reducing returns by at least 50%.

Threedeemee Milestone
Threedeemee is now ready to launch and open to investors, this round is for rapid scaling of Threedeemee core technology to meet client demands and will close by 31st Dec 2020 for a raise of an additional £500K that will consist of:

A private equity raise on Threedeemee website.

  • Duration 110 Days (this round will be closed no later than the 31st Dec 2020)!
  • Pre-emptive rights apply
  • Pre-money Valuation £1,500,000
  • Target of £500,000
  • Equity 25%
  • Minimal Investment £5,000
  • Minimal Target £20,000 (funds can be accessed)
  • Maximum Target £500,000 (Round Closed)!
  • If the Minimum Target has now been reached, but if the Maximum Target is not, the shares will be issued based on the prorated proportionate equity.
  • No Over Funding,

EIS Tax Relief

Threedeemee has just recently received SEIS/EIS approval as an EIS qualifying trade and will be applying for EIS approval again for all investors who wish EIS tax relief at the end of this round of fundraising.

Threedeemee created their latest catwalk demonstrating clothing in a fashion show of different nationalities from around the world. We are here to assist the retail sector in their transition from 2d representations of their products to full 3d Visualization from start to finish. 

Threedeemee Campaign III
Interested investors are welcome to request a short deck of slides by sending an email to info@threedeemee.com