News Update From ACL

We hope everyone has had a wonderful vacation period and now back at work after a well earned rest. We have suffered delays in issuing your shares mainly due to the vacation period however our solicitors (Mincoffs) are back today so they can finalize the Subscription and Shareholder Agreement (SSA) and Articles of Association (AoA) therefore they should send them out to you within the next few days. Kingston Smith (accountants) have already applied for the SEIS tax relief with HMRC for all those who require UK tax relief so I hope to have this all finalized this week as well.
Once again our apologies for the delays!

We have been particularly busy in Thailand with the launching of the Threedeemee Animation Services from  our branch office in the Park Ventures Ecoplex Building Bangkok.

Please check out these services on for more information.

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Animation Services

The Threedeemee website and we are now ready to launch our Threedeemee Outsourcing Animation Services

The aim of this service is to generate revenues from tradition animation services, increase our working capital, as well as to give us a cost effective team of qualified animators working with Arbroath.

Our Team

Khun Pech       2D Digital Artist      BA in Animation ChangMai University

Khun Pig          2D Digital Artist       BA in King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Khun Chris       3D Modeler              BA in Animation ChangMai University
Khun Gamme  3D Rigger                 BA in Animation ChangMai University
Khun Yaam      Animator                  BA in Animation ChangMai University
Khun Sai           Animator                  BA in Animation ChangMai University
Khun Preach    Programmer            BA in Programming (Engineer) Mahidol  University    

Additionally we have an abundance of other animators on call to support us as and when required.