Threedeemee Metasphere NFT Explosion!

NFT Explosion

Over the last few months, the NFT Market has been exploding which has been extremely beneficial to our 2d and 3d animation services around the world. With more and more clients coming on board, in particular several prominent sports celebrities, it became very apparent celebrities need sets of collectable cards and 3D models as NFTs to allow all their fans to collect memorabilia at a variety of price points. We, therefore, created unique collections of six NFTs which include 3 x Cards (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and 3 x 3d models (Gold, Silver and Bronze). These NFTs range from a price point of a few dollars for bronze NFT cards with 1000/s of cards created, to unique single NFTs of just 1 x 3d gold model for the wealthiest of crypto trading fans.

Threedeemee is launching a second collection for Iranian Embassy Siege NFTs to demonstrate to clients the advantages of having sets of NFTs sooner than individual NFTs to reach out to every fans’ price point. The sets consist of the same 6 NFTs on Standard (Bronze) Premium (Silver) or Rare (Gold) Podiums. Cards and 3d Models were all created in different amounts and price points so fans can choose the appropriate set they can afford to trade-in. As an example, a client can mint 1,000 Bronze cards 100 Silver cards and 1 unique Gold card or 3d Model at different price points. Clients customize their podiums to their own specifications as required!

VIV nft
VIV Card
Threedeemee has been instrumental in assisting Playonpro in creating a great set of NFTs for our Ambassador’s in a timely and professional manner.  They are very cost-efficient for their services and always ready to make revisions to meet our requests and ensure everything is perfect. It is amazing how the threedeemee team created such great NFTs and 3d visualization for the sporting world.

Viv Anderson MBE
CEO Playonpro
Threedeemee is extremely proud of the Testimonial from Viv above and for having the opportunity to work with some of his 500 + sporting celebrity ambassadors on Playonpro.


 Viv Anderson Resume

Vivian Alexander Anderson, MBE (born 29 July 1956) is an English former professional footballer and coach. He won five senior trophies including the 1977–78 Football League title, and both the 1978–79 European Cup and the 1979–80 European Cup playing for Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest. He was later part of the squads to win a domestic cup with each of Arsenal and Manchester United. He also played for Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley and Middlesbrough. He was the first black and second non-white footballer after Paul Reaney to play for the senior men’s England national football team. (Wikipedia)
SAS Poster

Threedeemee has just launched its own collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on the Opensea Marketplace with the intent to create additional special forces stories from around the world.  This storyline involves the action of the chairman of Threedeemee who was part of the 22nd SAS assault team who rescued the nineteen (19) hostages and resulted in five (5) terrorists being killed and one (1) captured. It is fair to state that this one rescue operation changed the way all hostage rescues are undertaken around the world today. In particular, this televised rescue had a huge impact on the action movie industry, who all mimic the same actions of men dressed in black abseiling down ropes to rescue hostages. The intent of this collection is to add other members of the 22nd SAS assault team with their actions on Operation Nimrod allowing collectors to trade stories with each other for financial benefit. Additionally, all veterans in our community will authenticate each other stories and receive commissions of future sales of their NFTs to support them with supplementary income in the future. Please join our community by trading tokens and supporting these incredible stories of Non-fictional heroes and their actual stories. 

Click on the button below and it will take you directly to the infamous collection of the Iranian Embassy Hostage Siege, (London 1980) code named Operation Nimrod.

Threedeemee Original collection was launched on the Opensea Marketplace with the intent to create a community of NFT traders and in particular sporting personalities and clients for our services which have both been a wonderful success in their own right. By marketing these NFTs on social media platforms we received many inquiries and have been growing ever since. In particular, we have several sports celebrities and clubs who now have their collects created by Threedeemee Studios from around the world.  We also have other clients who are creating their sculptures as NFTs as everyone moves into the Metaverse.

Click on the button below and it will take you directly to the Original collection of the Iranian Embassy Hostage Siege, (London 1980) code named Operation Nimrod.

While Threedeemee’s core technology is the creation of Avatars in a person’s own image for the fashion retail industry, we feel there is even more opportunity for the same technology in the Metaverse.  Having a growing success in the NFT sector and the need to scale to meet client demands, Threedeemee will be launching a similar fundraiser to our previous round shortly. Investors wishing to know should contact our chairman: for more information.