Threedeemee is creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for their own Metasphere in Opensea with non-fictional characters of military veterans with true stories to tell of their incredible lives. The studio is also creating 3D NFTs for individuals or companies who wish to celebrate other sporting and movies celebrities as avatars in either cartoon or real life NFTs. Register here for full Terms and Conditions.

The NFT Market has been exploding which has been extremely beneficial to our 2d and 3d animation services around the world...

We therefore created unique collections of six NFTs for the wealthiest of crypto trading fans..

Threedeemee NFT Market place is where clients can purchase F-NFTs or NFTs using cryptocurrencies and receive the equivalent Digital Animated Services for free. This actually means the client receives the equivalent Animation services to produce their own NFTs. As an added bonus clients do not have to worry about exchanging crypto into Fiat and then buying services using a credit card etc as Threedeemee have an automated exchange payment gateway that changes the amount of crypto directly into our account at a much lower rate than the conventional payment systems.

All the above digital service are for onetime use only and cannot be traded on a secondary market.

To facilitate the sale of products and service all Threedeemee NFTs, they may be purchased and receive digital services for FREE for their value as well as having the ability to re-trade such tokens on the secondary markets. Please contact