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outsource services

Threedeemee Studios Bangkok will be primarily focused on the Research and Development for Threedeemee Technology however we will also offer an outsourcing service for animation and gaming software development as supplementary revenue streams from future clients and investors.

The intent is to offer our outsource services Grade A facilities with all the required hardware and software required for companies to outsource their work to.

All outsource services work can be located in the Threedeemee office space or in an adjacent room and separate servers if required. The option to send mangers from your own companies to oversee your work and train local staff is also welcomed.

Threedeemee will over see the day to day activity of hiring and manage local staff, supply office space, legal support, supply all visas, work permits and accommodation at standard rates plus normal commissions.

Virtual reality has played the game to a new dimension. The idea of ​​creating our own games is for many people, just a dream. But we are proud to announce that Threedeemee Studio makes this dream come true. Dangerous adventures, complex missions, shops and strategies – the whole game world is in your hands – all we need is your mind and our team will bring it back to life.

Creative managers, designers, illustrators, special effects artists and animators with over 10 years of experience, ready to design all the elements of your game, from hand-drawn images to virtual 3D models in Life begins with the characters and icons. To the position, level, and game interface design.

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