Threedeemee created their latest catwalk demonstrating clothing in a fashion show of different nationalities from around the world.

Threedeemee is a B2B service and meant to be installed inside a clients website; the same way we have installed in into

We have added Premium avatars of Cherlie and Mike to our fitting room as well as a larger choice of clothes and accessories. Several items can be created in the colours of your choice. The best way to do this is by clicking on the link above from your phone tablet of laptop  please check us out.

Threedeemee are please to announce we have come to terms with Venture Garage’s to assist us in raising funds for campaign III. Their goal is to create a long term impact on the rate of progress and growth of an early stage business or startup. Venture Garage assists in raising capital from their network of 700+ Investors which Includes: VCs, HNIs, Family Offices, Strategic Investors, Corporates, Angel & Seed Investors who invest between $50K to 5Mil in Seed to Series A rounds..

Threedeemee Campaign III
Threedeemee is now open to investors, this round for rapid scaling of Threedeemee core technology to meet client demands as of the 1st July 2020 and will close by 31st Dec 2020 for a raise of an additional £500K that will consist of:

A private equity raise on Threedeemee website.

  • Duration 130 Days (this round will be closed no later than the 31st Dec 2020)!
  • Pre-emptive rights apply
  • Pre-money Valuation £1,500,000
  • Target of £500,000
  • Equity 25%
  • Minimal Investment £5,000
  • Minimal Target £20,000 (funds can be accessed)
  • Maximum Target £500,000 (Round Closed)!
  • If the Minimum Target has now been reached, but if the Maximum Target is not, the shares will be issued based on the prorated proportionate equity.
  • No Over Funding,

EIS Tax Relief

Threedeemee has just recently received SEIS/EIS approval as an EIS qualifying trade and will be applying for EIS approval again for all investors who wish EIS tax relief at the end of this round of fundraising.
Threedeemee Campaign III
interested investors are welcome to request a short deck of slides by sending an email to or contact