Outsource Department
Outsourcing Department
Hi we were created by threedeemee outsourcing department so we hope you like us. Our client was very nice and liked us a lot so he sent us a testimonial to recommend our services at 3D AVATAR SERVICES

Hi I’m Nicola and trying out my avatar for my online sports clothes, how do you like it? Threedeemee can make me in any form either cartoon or in my real body image or a mixture of each. go to CREATE YOUR AVATAR and check us out.Bye bye

Be safe and have fun on Social Media
Threedeemee have just launched a fun, inexpensive solution (99 THB or £2.50) to reduce the risk of identity theft called “Social Media Avatars” They are intended for family and friends to use avatars as a friendly way for greetings and for their profile as a photo or a video that prevents someone from downloading your identity and being used by unscrupulous perpetrators.
Check out CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA AVATAR , register and follow the instructions of how to upload facial photos and make you selection of clothing, hair, body types etc. Threedeemee will return your avatar in the form of an MP4 video and 4 posed photos within the hour. Please feel free to give feedback so we can design new products and model avatars to different client’s requests.  Lots of fun at affordable prices!
For more information contact info@threedeemee.com

Threedeemee have launched its online Fitting Room experience where customers can view chosen apparel on their own avatar in a clients catalogues; sooner than just seeing them on a fashion model. Clients and customers will be able  select clothing from  a set number of items, try them on and by using the mouse or mouse pad they will be able to view themselves in 3D wearing their chosen attire.

Click below and try it out, use one figure on the mouse pad to turn the avatar while the use of 2 figures on the pad or the wheel on the mouse to zoom in or out! Hold the right click button on the mouse down to move the avatar in any direct