Phase II fund raising

We will start our second round in Threedeemee project and Investors who are interested in supporting us, please go to our campaign link and once you have viewed the updated information you can register with us if you wish and then get all the restricted documents and join us in this great adventure.


Phase two funding is now open and we anticipate it to be completed by 18th June 2019 for a raise of an additional £150K that will consist of:

  • A private equity raise on Arbroath webpage!
  • Duration 90 Days
  • Pre-money Valuation £1,425,000
  • Target of £150,000
  • Equity 9.52%
  • Minimal Investment £1,000
  • Minimal Target £50,000 (Money kept in escrow until the minimum amount is met)
  • Maximum Target £150,000 (Round Closed)!
  • If the Minimum Target is reached, but the Maximum Target is not, the shares will be issued based on the prorated proportionate equity.
  • No Over Funding.