Threedeemee Angel Investment

September 2021 Update

Brand partnerships have become flavor of the month and Threedeemee is trying to help clients understand now is the time to work together rather than compete, the outbreak has led marketers to collaborate on several ventures.

Sharing the Risks with Brand Collaboration.

Female Fitting Room


Taking the experiences we gained creating garments for bespoke tailors and fashion designers we have been updating some of our online fitting rooms with new styles and accessories. This is being applied to the teenager’s collection as we close out this month and eventually Men’s and Children’s fashion. Fitting rooms are primarily for online RTW retailers but can be used in-store so customers can mix and match clothes with accessories so they do not have to use the fitting rooms to try on every garment.


Bespoke Tailors:- 
Remain front and center as groups of independent stores we want to assist to digitalize their garments and get online. It’s fair to say, some are very reluctant to change with the times, live in hope that they will survive but the reality is, they may not survive if they don’t get online. However, most understand,  adapting to the “New Normal” will require an online presence as well as, 3d visualization to interact with their clients; to reduce their risks of drops in footfall in the future!

3 Piece Suit
Activewear Configurator


Sportwear is another sector that requires fitting rooms for their RTW clothing and accessories to enhance online customers’ experience so they can try on different garments and accessories as they mix and match them before checking out.

Bespoke sportswear configurators are for the personalization of equipment such as football, boxing equipment, bikes, and clubs. Team kits are created using the most sophisticated textures and materials such as Leather, Spandex, and Gortex with personalized logos, flags, and signatures.


Having a touch screen kiosk in a bespoke tailor shop can demonstrate they are in touch with the “New Normal” of digital transformation. This is the first time tailors have ever been able to create a jacket or suit with their customers and demonstrate what the garment will look like before a snip of cloth is cut. These Kiosks can also be used for RTW in-store virtual fitting rooms, allowing the customers to mix and match clothing and accessories without having to get undressed each time.

Kiosk Poster
September 2021 Update

The funding will be used to kickstart the studio and accelerate the final phase of Threedeemee’s core technology over 2 months. This will be followed by an additional 4 months to complete the articulation of the avatars and clothing so they can walk twirl and sit in an in-store environment.

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Threedeemee Campaign III

Over the last few months, Threedeemee has been focused on developing our products and testing the market with the intent to get to a positive cash flow by the end of the year. We have left our online fundraising campaign III open at a highly diluted cash flow to attract investors who are prepared to take some risk to come in early with an option of 25% equity for up to £500K GBPs investment. At this time we are confident of proving the market and as soon as we have sufficient clients onboard we will close this round so we can revue the valuation at a lower risk factor before launching a new round next year. Contact for more information!

Capital is at Risk!