TDM at Digital Fashion Week 2023

In early September 2023, TDM’s animation team along with other talented digital designers took part in this years Digital Fashion Week. 

Digital fashion has been on the rise over the past few years. The term Digital Fashion is defined as the ‘visual representation of clothing built using computer technologies and 3D software. This industry is on the rise due to ethical awareness and uses of digital fashion technology such as artificial intelligence to create products with complex social and technical software.’ 

Digital fashion week 2023

THREEDEEMEE at Digital Fashion Week 2023

Digital Fashion Week (DFW) is an event that takes place alongside traditional fashion weeks. Specfically, DFW is a hybrid physical/virtual fashion exhibition. Through the optics of IRL X URL, the audience is immersed in the shifting realities of fashion through AR, Web 3.0, holograms, Metaverse runway shows, virtual exhibitions, digital screenings, panel discussions and workshops.

This curated Fashion Tech event celebrates the voice of design leaders at the vanguard of artistic, creative technologies influencing the future of the fashion industry. With this in mind, this years Digital Fashion Week displayed in the top fashion capitals Paris, New York and London. Here, TDM was fortunate enough to display our first fashion film developed by our talented in house 3D artist. 


The Three Graces of Willendorf

Our film entitled ‘The three graces of Willendorf’ explores the subject of fashion, beauty, image, self and body. More specfically what it might become in an era of the metaverse where the confines of the human body no longer exist.

The ambiguous mythological creatures are a metamorphosis of human and technology. The documentary-like translated subtitles create a narrative collage. Moreover, the free indirect speech makes the origin of each text ambiguous. Furthermore, the space of the screen is treated as an exhibition space for a video installation. Finally, the complex space is a superposition of the virtual, illusory, audio and cultural space.

Through metamorphosis, a synthesis of past and future, tradition and technology – a dialectic process that involves both the subject and the technique – The work uses traditional elements such as raw material, repurposing them and changing their context.

In this reconfiguration, the work is infused with a tension between translation and mistranslation. Which we are proud to display yin the above video.

What is next for TDM?

TDM was excited to display our first fashion film to the public. The film was presented across exciting locations to a diverse audience and showed the appetite for digital fashion across geographical locations. After the positive feedback, TDM went on to develop our partnership with FOCUS Art Fair in October 2023. 

Her, TDM is presented our technical solution, TDM Avatars, at the Saatchi Gallery for FOCUS Art Fair 2023 as a company partner. Along with this, TDM created a VR experience of the art fair for viewers to experience art from a different perspective. 

To learn more about our services and creative team please visit here. We are also open to different creative and business partnerships. To contact us for partnerships and creative inquires visit here or email info@threedeemee.com. 

Still from Digital fashion week 2023 animation made by TDM.

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