TDM in partnership with FOCUS Art Fair 2023

In early October 2023, TDM launched their first partnership with FOCUS Art Fair for their 2023 art show at Saatchi Gallery. Here we exhibited our animation work and created and exciting VR experience. 

Who is FOCUS Art Fair?

FOCUS Art Fair is an annual contemporary art fair organized by HongLee, an international art agency based in Paris. Each year, FOCUS gathers and introduces galleries from over 40 countries under one theme selected according to the ongoing art trend and issues. In an immense Art scene composed of global galleries, artists, artworks, and collectors, FOCUS aims to become a one of a kind event that can inspire a new artistic wave, through a world tour at the global art market hubs such as Paris, London, and New York.

“We believe that Metaverse, NFTs, VR, and other forms of digital art will not displace traditional art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, and installations, but rather coexist with them. However, these technologies are already having a significant impact on our daily lives, and we believe that these changes and movements in the art scene will not be a temporary phenomenon that will fade away.” – FOCUS

TDM logo and FOCUS Art Fair logo.

About Saatchi Gallery 

Their 2023 show saw them exhibit at the iconic Saatchi Gallery in London. Saatchi Gallery has established itself as a prominent force in contemporary art, promoting the works of both emerging British and international artists. As a registered charity, their mission statement reflects their dedication to inspiring creativity and innovation in artists and rendering contemporary art accessible to everyone.

TDM’s partnership for FOCUS was based on creating a 3D virtual space of the show for viewers to experience art from another perspective. The use of VR allowed for an immersive experience of the space for visitors. Allowing for an amazing experience and greater interaction with viewers. 

For future partnerships with TDM please contact us at info@threedeemee.com 

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