Threedeemee Campaign III

Threedeemee Campaign
Progress 7.94%


PRE-MONEY £1,500,000


TARGET £500,000




RAISED £39,718




Threedeemee Campaign, we have been working on creative diverse opportunities for the use of avatars for more than 3 years. After several years of tracking this specific business opportunity, Threedeemee has developed a system to create avatars using any digital video recording system which for which patent protection has been applied for.  Threedeemee feels this associated technology and public acceptance has advanced to a point that commercialization for specific industries is now possible and have created. Threedeemee Studios Bangkok as the technical hub for all operations to reduce costs while attracting a highly skilled workforce of software engineers and animation staff.  Threedeemee campaign phase three funding will commence on the 1st of July 2020 and remain open for 6 months or until such time the investment is met.


Our core technology is call Threedeemee for creating fully articulated avatars in a customer’s own image using any video devise such as a tablet, laptop or just a smartphone for use in VR, AR & MR gaming platforms and for online shopping so customers can try on clothes before they purchase them, which will in turn increase customer satisfaction, reduce returns and enable retailers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Due to COVID  Threedeemee have extended this round to investors until the end of 2021.  This round for rapid scaling of Threedeemee core technology to meet client demands for a raise of an additional £500K that will consist of:

A private equity raise on Threedeemee website

  • Duration: This round will be closed no later than the 31 December 2021!
  • Pre-emptive rights apply
  • Pre-money Valuation £1,500,000
  • Target of £500,000
  • Equity 25%
  • Minimal Investment £1,000
  • Minimal Target has been reached  (funds can be accessed)
  • Maximum Target £500,000 (Round Closed)!
  • If the Minimum Target has now been reached, but if the Maximum Target is not, the shares will be issued based on the prorated proportionate equity.
  • No Over Funding,

EIS Tax Relief

Threedeemee has just recently received SEIS/EIS approval as an EIS qualifying trade and will be applying for EIS approval again for all investors who wish EIS tax relief at the end of this round of fundraising.
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Threedeemee Core Technology


Threedeemee has previously received EIS approval as an EIS qualifying trade and will be applying for EIS approval again for all investors who wish EIS tax relief at the end of this round of fundraising.


Threedeemee has just gone through a rigorous “Prior Art Search” that included all potential competitors as well as many other methods related to various scanning systems to create 3D base models and Avatars involving various Gaming and E-commerce and associated platforms. A patent application is pending at the UKIPO.


At a point in the future, when the business has grown sufficiently and generated significant profitability, the intent will be for Threedeemee to organized the opportunity for an option to sell Threedeemee in its entirety, as a going concern; including any associated IP, contracts and resources.


Our primary market is designed for the global retail market is estimated to be US$1.7 Trillion by 2018 of which online apparel sales are expected to account for greater than 8% providing a market opportunity exceeding US$ 136 Billion. Current statistics reflect sales in stores stagnating, while online sales such as Amazon, Alibaba and the multitude of other online merchants are growing year on year. The biggest trend in the global retail market is this steady climb of online sales that are growing at 17% year on year (YoY). It is apparent that customer habits are transforming from the traditional in-store shopping to e-commerce with a breakdown of sales by gender being: 50% Women, 33% Men and 17% for Children.



Threedeemee has now completed our Prototype 3 demonstration App that is intended to allow an Investor or Client to create an avatar of themselves during the course of a 1-hour meeting to demonstrate one of our core technologies. In short, this means that we can now prove that we are able to derive the information needed to create accurate 3D avatars from a basic mobile video device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone within 45 minutes. The requirements of the prototype allowed for a 2% error margin on a set number of measurements, which we have now far surpassed, and well underway to reaching the goal of sub-millimetre accuracy. 


Phase 1 – Introductory Prototype 3D Avatar – COMPLETED

Phase 2 – Development of a fully automated within one hour using the scanning methodology to create a 3D Avatar – COMPLETED

Phase 3 – Integrate auto rigging, clothing hair and animation onto the avatars  – COMPLETED

Phase 4 –  Add one more algorithm to the scanning system and improve machine learning and AI and create an APP and STK interface  to allow the full commercialisation of the product. 2 months to completion

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1  Subscription and Shareholders Agreement 

2  Executive Summary

3  Articles of Association 

4  Business Plan

5  Threedeemee Slides




Extensive Prior Art Patent research appears to indicate that there is very little real competition in the marketplace; where 2D and 3D fully animated avatars in one’s own image are employed in the online retail industry. The avatar market segment is however confused and crowded but only Metail, Boden and Fitle are specifically targeting online retail using 3D mannequins which requires a certain amount of manual input of physical data, while MTailor has created a scanning App to create customer clothing only. The only other fully articulated avatars that we are aware of at this time is Body Labs who were created in 2013 and sold to Amazon for an estimated $50 to $100 Million USD in October 2017. 

Legal Notification 

Threedeemee requests potential investors to read all documentation including the Articles of Incorporation, Shareholder Agreement and Risk Warning thoroughly before investing. Please Note: Threedeemee’s accountant and business advisor, Mr Ian Matthews at Kingston Smith LLP will issue your share certificate as soon as possible after you invest and we receive your AML, proof of identity and address, this will also be followed by EIS tax relief certification you may have requested, as soon as this is applicable. Our Solicitor, Mr Peter Robinson of Mincoffs, will issue the fully implemented the master shareholder agreement when the raise is closed and will duly record all documentation in Companies House. If you have any questions what so ever please feel free to contact or our legal representatives below.



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