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We are UK company registered. We are different at service you the right choice.

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We try to improve our communication, we find email is still best solution for us.

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“Helping business to grow is our main business mission. We aim to reduce the discords and friction of day-to-day office problems and solve them quickly and efficiently.”
Put - CEO

What We Can Work For You



Threedeemee have a full animation team ready to provide or create NFTs in any style a client wishes. We also assit clients with their integration in any Crypto Marketplace they choose.

Threedeemee Avatar


Our speciality is creating Avatars in a persons own image so they can be used on social media platforms or to enhance online shopping exeriences. Our fully automated product will be available within Q1 2022.

Fitting Room

Threedeemee create on line fitting rooms for ready to wear retailor, bespoke tailors and ladies Fashion designer using 3D Aumented Reality (AR) processes which allows client to mix and match items before purchase.


3D Animation

Virtual Reality (VR) are now becoming a huge advantage in Social Media, Sports, Shops and Busness events. These may be created in any form or venue a client wishes. Don’t be late in joining this trasformation of the times.

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“Threedeemee has been insrumental in assisting Playonpro in creating a great set of NFTs for our Ambassador's in a timely and professional manner. .”
Viv Anderson MBE | CEO - PlayOn
"NFT Workx Ltd has had the pleasure of working with Threedeemee in creating NFTs for several of our clients including professional athletes and artists."
Adam Leese | CEO - Co Founder
“Our life has become easier, and we couldn't be happier about switching to a virtual assistant provider. Thank you Threedeemee.”
Paul | CEO Diamond Advisory s.r.o.

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