Threedeemee Metasphere Launched today!

Threedeemee Metasphere

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What is a MetaSphere?

A Metasphere is like a planet in the Universe or Metaverse (Googles/MetaVerse) This is already having a huge effect in the way people will communicate as avatars in their own image sooner than in person. It is also a huge space for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). where many Movies, Sports, and Influencer celebrities want to tell their stories as Avatars in digital format..


What Are NFTs
(Non-Fungible Tokens)

NFTs are basically collections of digital art that are traded in cryptocurrencies and are all the rage today. Celebrities of all kinds are trading collections of their careers as NFTs in 2d, 3d, or video formats and some to say the least, are trading for fortunes. Threedeemee has already launched its Metaverse to meet increasing demand and create NFTs for several clients as well as for ourselves! 

SAS Poster

Threedeemee has just launched its own collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on the Opensea Marketplace with the intent to create additional special forces stories from around the world.  This storyline involves the action of the chairman of Threedeemee who was part of the 22nd SAS assault team who rescued the nineteen (19) hostages and resulted in five (5) terrorists being killed and one (1) captured. It is fair to state that this one rescue operation changed the way all hostage rescues are undertaken around the world today. In particular, this televised rescue had a huge impact on the action movie industry, who all mimic the same actions of men dressed in black abseiling down ropes to rescue hostages. The intent of this collection is to add other members of the 22nd SAS assault team with their actions on Operation Nimrod allowing collectors to trade stories with each other for financial benefit. Additionally, all veterans in our community will authenticate each other stories and receive commissions of future sales of their NFTs to support them with supplementary income in the future. Please join our community by trading tokens and supporting these incredible stories of Non-fictional heroes and their actual stories. 

Click on the button below and it will take you directly to the infamous collection of the Iranian Embassy Hostage Siege, (London 1980) code named Operation Nimrod.