Threedeemee Metaverse Raise

November 2022 News Update

Threedeemee Metaverse Raise

TDM Titanium Crypto

Another Busy Month

Despite the ever downturn in both Equity and Crypto Markets, investors understand that now is the time to look for opportunities in both markets who are readying themselves for the next bear market. Investors in both startups and risk assets have never anticipated ROI over a very short periods they should be on the lookout in what could be great opportunities in downturns such are we are in now. Investing in Threedeemee offers a foot in both Equity and Crypto markets to mitigate and diversify their risk so check out what is on offer by clicking the Equity below.


Crypto Investment

Our Crypto

Threedeemee have also added Bonus Token subscription levels to their threedeemee metaverse raise which rewards both previous and new investors in this round with an additional 10% to 40% more GIFTED tokens for the larger investors who support Threedeemee. Checkout what happing in Crypto below.

Digital Art

Babel BigFragment Image

The Fragmented NFT of the Tower of Babel by Rudolf Reither is now available for offers on Opensea and part of this launch is offering up to 70 free fragments for people registering on the art Gallery site. The above fragment locator has been developed by threedeemee because no Crypto Market place can display multiple fragments in order on their marketplaces at this time. To over come these issues Threedeemee will be providing new Smart contracts as well as automated templates in different sized on their crypto marketplaces.

Bitpace Crypto


We have also added Bitpace Crypto Exchange Platform that allows investors, clients and customers to pay for Products, Animation Services  or Investment using Crypto Currencies in addition to the normal Fiat currencies payments such as Visa Master PayPal etc.