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Threedeemee’s has been in the animation business for 7 years now and our vision is to be the best-in-class place to go to for avatars in a person’s own image that can be integrated into any VR/AR/MR platform or Web3 marketplace and compete with the top 100 Coins.



Threedeemee’s core technology is to generate an avatar in a person’s own image. To date, we have achieved 3 of the 4 technical phases but requires circa an additional 3 months to fully complete the scanning system. This technology derives measurement ofa person’s body to create an accurate measurement chart that automatically creates an avatar in the persons own image once a customer uploads a 10 second video of them rotating 360% on the spot using any smart phone.


Early animation work was focused primarily on the online stopping industry such as fitting rooms and 3d garment configurators.

However, the reluctance of High Street Retailors to transform from the quill to digital has been a slow process.  Most of these companies have now been consumed by larger online retail companies such as ASOS and Boohoo who now find themselves in a period of change to reduce the cost of returns.

Threedeemee technology ideally addresses the 2 main reasons that returns are made: due to them a client not liking the garment look when they try it on, or it does not fit them. Threedeemee still believes this market will emerge.

3D Art Galleries
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non-Fungible Tokens

Threedeemee’s vison only became more relevant after Mark Zuckerberg announced his vision of the Metaverse and we have subsequently focused on generating early revenues for Web3 developers, sports celebrities and artists by creating both 3D Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for their lessor expensive pieces of memorabilia or art ias well of as Fractional Non-Fungible Token (FNFT) for the more expensive pieces. NFTs and FNFT use block-chain technology and we are now commissioned by a Vienna based artist who has 3 such paintings they wish to sell digitally. Also we are collaborating with Mr Viv Anderson MBE (CEO of PlayonPro) was the first black player to play for the English Soccer Team and has over 500 ex professional sports ambassadors on his platform.

Web 2 to Web3 integration

During the creation of fragmented NFTs for Rudolf Reither we found that no Crypto NFT marketplaces such as Opensea were able to upload a fragmented Paining at this time so Threedeemee developed a simple platform that allows websites to integrate this process . At the same time Threedeemee created a VR 3D art gallery using Lapentor technology to display Rudolf's Paintings that changes they way all Artist or Galleries can display their artwork in online galleries from their own Web 2 websites and integrate the website into Digital sales in Crypto or as well as online sales which can be purchase in any FIAT currency and shipped world wide.

Threedeemee is looking for funds to scale all its experience in Web2 technologies into a Web3 3d VR reality Crypto Marketplace to meet its vison of being the best-in-class place to go to for avatars in a person’s own image in any Web3 VR environment.


• Duration 6 months (this round will be closed no later than the 31st Dec 2022!
• Pre-emptive rights apply
• Pre-money Valuation £3,000,000
• Target of £500,000
• Equity 12.5%
• Minimal Investment £1,000
• Minimal Target £20,000 (This amount enables funds to be accessed)
• Maximum Target £500,000 (Round Closed)!
• If the Minimum Target has been reached, but if the Maximum Target is not, the shares will
be issued based on the prorated proportionate equity.
• No Over Funding

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Legal Notification 

Threedeemee requests potential investors to read all documentation including the Articles of Incorporation, Shareholder Agreement and Risk Warning thoroughly before investing. Please Note: Threedeemee’s accountant and business advisor, Mr Ian Matthews at Kingston Smith LLP will issue your share certificate as soon as possible after you invest and we receive your AML, proof of identity and address, this will also be followed by EIS tax relief certification you may have requested, as soon as this is applicable. Our Solicitor, Mr Peter Robinson of Mincoffs, will issue the fully implemented the master shareholder agreement when the raise is closed and will duly record all documentation in Companies House. If you have any questions what so ever please feel free to contact or our legal representatives below.