Threedeemee provides online fitting rooms for retailers to assist them with improved customer experience, increased sales, and most importantly reducing returns. Retailors have the option of garments being displayed at 98% accuracy or choosing slightly lower quality depending on their requirements; This makes the fitting rooms affordable to every online retailer; large or small! Schedule a call at any time for a free demonstration by clicking any of the buttons below!

Threedeemee online shopping

Threedeemee fitting rooms are seamlessly integrated into the retailer’s catalogues, behind the client’s normal front page. This ensures the glamour of fashion models and photographs remains a prominent part of online sales! Once a customer clicks on a garment on your front page, they are taken to the basket where they see the standard view of the product they are considering to purchase with your checkout payment options.

Threedeemee Online Shopping Fitting Room

Once in the fitting room, the customer has the option to try clothes, as well as add, mix or match additional garments and accessories at their will; without going back and forth to the front page! More importantly, it gives the customer the chance to match multiple garments on a mannequin or avatar so they can view the ensemble of products together for the first time. This engages the customer experience as they try on different tops, bottoms, and accessories until they have created a complete look before proceeding with checking out. 

The end of lockdown will most certainly mean the end of governments around the world offering support companies such as tax relief, loans, and furlough schemes in the future. Businesses that depend solely on footfall must be prepared to have fewer customers in their stores from this point forward. Everyone is finding alternative solutions to stay afloat while the global population is expected to live with Covid for many years to come. Retailers need to do everything to reduce these risks now and ensure they can continue business in the future by getting, (or improving) their online experience. Act now to reduce your risks in the coming years by investing in getting your business online. Threedeemee is here to assist you in your online experience or you can even invest in us to help us meet our increasing demand by clicking on these links and see what threedeemee is doing. Contact info@threedeemee for more information!

Capital is at Risk! 
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