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Threedeemee are pleased to offer Commercial and Private animation services by our fully qualified 2D and 3D technical staff based in Bangkok Thailand from a little as £9.99 per hour. All our technical staff hold at least a BA in Animation included Modeling, Rigging and Animation with skillsets for cartoon, character or gaming capabilities.


Thailand is renowned for great Asian artists which have been in their culture for thousands of years. In today’s changing world more and more, young people are being educated…VIEW MORE

Due to the advances in animation and Android & IPhone technology, the threedeemee technical team can generate advanced algorithms that allows customers to create 3D avatars…VIEW MORE

Create your own 3D Avatar by uploading a 10 sec “Selfie” video and receive a full poly meshed avatar in your body shape in an OBJ file for use on any animation platform.  VIEW MORE

llustrations and concept art.  We will help you to come up with eye-catching ideas for your new game. Just describe your vision of the game, and we will create a concept with you. VIEW MORE

Our team of multi-professional workers offers a variety of animation services: video animation is a computer-generated imagery of static and moving objects in the interplay with..VIEW MORE

All outsource services work can be located in the Threedeemee office space or in an adjacent room and separate servers if required. The option to send mangers from your own..VIEW MORE 


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