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Nike’s Online Sales are Surging – Will It Go 100% Online?

Nike is experiencing an increase in online sales by 83 percent in its first quarter of FY21, with e-commerce now making up a whopping 30 percent of its overall sales. They are also stating their intendion to go 100 percent online in the near future and are leading the way along with Adidas and New Balance to fully digitalize their products in 3d from design to sales. So what does this mean for the smaller retailers who do not have the huge budgets to compete? The above tutorial gives all online retailer and manufactures an idea of how Threedeemee can help improve customer experience, visualize their products on line starting with a single product configurator at a “Red Hot” discounted price from just £599 GBPs integrated into their website in just 10 days!
Note: “While this tutorial is focused on the sporting sector the befits and cost savings are available to Bespoke Tailors, Ladies Fashion Designers and all Ready to Wear retailors selling on line”.

This is a short video creation of a single product configurator but instead of a boxing glove these can be produced for any sporting activities. Additionally it can be a simple sports shirt or other garment that is configurable to your customers requirements the discount price of just £599 GBPs in 10 days!

Multi Product configurators such as Netball, Soccer or Hockey any sportswear kits or products can also be created but we recommend these being done in packages of six which give you and even larger discount starting at just £2,995 GBPs within 3 to 4 weeks depending on the clients requirements! Confirming an order now, can also fix in this discounted price for all additional requirements for the remainder of this year.

Additionally Threedeemee supply virtual fitting rooms where customers are able to mix and match ready to wear active wear and products. This allows customer mix and match a retailors garments and products on line. The cost of such fitting rooms start at the same discounted price of  £2,995 GBPs within 3 to 4 weeks for 30 to 50 products dependent on the customers requirements. Once again its a good time to get started and fix in those discounts now.


Threedeemee are looking for clients who are forward looking in their approach to the 3d digital world to increase customer online experience and online sales as well as reduce returns. We are open with our prices @£6.99 per man hour and are looking for our perfect client fit. (PCF). This means a client who has a dynamic sales mentality and already looking at how to compete in this rapidly expanding online space. As demonstrated above Threedeemee are able to help even the smallest of companies start to visualize their products in 33d online in a very short period of time and compete with the large manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance!

Note: This promotional offer remains in place until the end of March 2021 so for more information please schedule a call with us below otherwise send us a message at

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