Threedeemee Studio Bangkok


threedeemee studio bangkok

Threedeemee Studio Bangkok is a UK company who are pleased to announce the opening of our branch office for Threedeemee Studio that is meant for 2D & 3D animation for both internal use, and, external outsourcing services from Bangkok Thailand,

If you are asking why Thailand, you may ask? Well, why not? While global economic trends are increasingly focused on Asia, Thailand is strategically located at the very heart of mainland Southeast Asia – has clearly gained more advantages from a great place to work, with a low cost of living that highlights its role as a centre for excellence and outsourcing opportunities. We at the Threedeemee Studio are well-positioned to tap into a fountainhead of professional experience to secure unbeatable 2D and 3D subcontracted opportunities throughout the world by offering high quality services at unbeatable pricing. 

Threedeemee is able to scan a human body and make an exact replica of a person in the form of an avatar for the production of films, VR MR, AM and ecommerce platforms.

We are hiring computer software engineers with experience in graphics and visualisation, 3d Modelers and animation personnel!

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