Threedeemee Team

A great team of professional animators, comprising of 2D & 3D designer with experience in both small and large scale projects.

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Victor started his career  in the military completing his 9 year engagement in 22 SAS. Following this he became the Deputy Commander for the Middle Eastern Ambassadors family that gave Victor…

Cherlie graduated BA at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Business Management and went on to take her Executive MBA at the University of National …

Mike has had a very successful international  career spanning over 43 years. In that period he has lived in 7 counties managing global and local businesses for several multinationals.

Your Dream Team Work

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In this difficult time of Covid 19, our primary concern is for the health and safety of our staff so we are working remotely from homes like the other company around the world. Although this is going well, we look forward to the day when we return to some sort of normal office normality which we miss dearly.

Engineer Team

Gie is a Full-Stack Software Engineer and IT Generalist. He is currently serving as the company’s CTO. He is heading the Research and Development of Threedeemee’s CORE Technology project in the field of 3D Computer Graphics using Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies.

Marcel is an IT Systems Engineer, carrying 30 years of experience in different roles spanning first and second line IT Support, IT Systems Engineer, Regional IT Manager and Project Management.

Meta is an game developer who skills both of art and science. He has 3 years of experience as Unity developer to create AR/VR and interactive applications and 3 years of experience as 3D Artist and Technical Artist in 3D productions.


Animation Team

Pachara is first a foremost a musician and an artist who have a strong network of fully qualified Chiangmai university graduates who are 2d and 3d artists around Thailand. He was educated as a 2d artistic designer at the University of Chiangmai, obtaining a Bachelor of Art, Collage of Arts Media.

Aekachai is a 3D Artist who lives and work in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his degree as an MFA in 3D Animation and Visual Effects, with focus on 3D Modeling in 2011 from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA.

Our graphic designer here at the threedeemee. Born and raised in Beijing, China educated in architecture and design program in Assumption University of Thailand. He is a highly creative and multitalented Graphic & Product Designer with 2+ years of experience in Solidworks 3D modeling&rendering, industrial&product design, and print & illustration graphic design.

Jack is a graphic designer. Graduated from Silpakorn University with a bachelor’s degree. Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. Jack has the features and the ability to create 3D model animation. And able to design work 2D animation as well.

Thayzy is the junior 3D Modeler that is a fully qualified university graduate from  Bachelor of Sciences (Information Technology for Design) Silpakorn University. Thayzy is the 3D modeler that is specializing in Low polygon and game designers and also experienced in producing a game from the ground up during university.  


Tonmai | 2D Artist

Under Construction!

Marketing Team

Our VP of Marketing here at threedeemee. Coming from Toronto, Canada, Kevin has an enthusiasm unrivalled for the field & has 5+ years of marketing under his belt. He is passionate about people & numbers and combines these interests to help threedeemee achieve global awareness through brand building, optimized content,& organic traffic.

John is our VP of Strategy. “John is an expert in business development and marketing strategies who has consulted for many companies, defining product positioning, ideal customer(s), and setting up effective sales processes within resource constraints.